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Thread: How do they separate the camping spots?

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    Question How do they separate the camping spots?

    I'm looking forward to car camping because carrying my whole stuff from the car to the camping ground is really annoying. (First festival with a suitcase! )

    I wonder how the spots for camping are separated from each other. Do they draw lines (or build fences? ) or how do I get my own 10x30? And how can I defend my area?

    I'm just curious because from the festivals that I know it took some hours and you couldn't even find the main way across the camping ground because of "creative camping".

    Any idea?

    Crazy German

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    Default Re: How do they separate the camping spots?

    Lots of changes for this year, but based on past years they will have the camping spaces (your 10 x 30 spot) marked with paint on the grass, and there will be staff directing campers and cars. It's pretty orderly actually.

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    Default Re: How do they separate the camping spots?

    Are you serious?

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