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Thread: Help an Irishman get to Coachella

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    Lightbulb Help an Irishman get to Coachella

    Hello my American friends!

    How would you like to hook a Paddy up? I'm living in New York and need to make my way to Coachella somewhoe. I'm going to fly anywhere near (?) and would very much like to hitch a ride the rest of the way. If you have space and I can afford to fly to your city please drop me a line. I'm a very lovely person and would regale you with fantastic tales the whole way there (and back!). Gas money goes without saying.


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    Default Re: Help an Irishman get to Coachella

    do you have a camping tic?
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    Default Re: Help an Irishman get to Coachella

    I'm coming from Fresno, CA and I have room! Although I think the ticket to Fresno internationl airport may be a lil pricey

    do u have a camping pass?

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