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Thread: Driving from Seattle, want in?

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    Default Driving from Seattle, want in?

    Hey, me and my buddy are driving down from the Seattle area and were hoping to some more riders to split the gas. We're not picky, just be able to pitch in and not be a total douchebag. I'm driving a Subaru wagon, so hypothetically there's room for 3 more if you want to squish, but just 2 if you're sane. If you've got a better option for a ride, I'm all ears.


    PS: You can check me out on myspace to make sure I'm not a creep:

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    First of all Im down... second of all, how the hell do you post anything on this biatch?.. chigga.
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    When are you guys thinking of driving down? And where? I need to get to portland, or. Will help pay for gas!

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    hey man my girlfriend and I need a ride to coachella but more than likely dont need one back. We are 20 and 19. Go huskies by the way. We live in Seattle and can meet you anywhere in the area... please get back to me ASAP. I will chip in for gas and more!



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