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Thread: is CAR/TENT camping the same ticket?

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    Default is CAR/TENT camping the same ticket?

    is there a seperate ticket for car camping than for tent camping? is the ticket the same????
    I am confused... or is the camping all the same and if you want to car camp it is first come first serve??? PLEASE answer because i want to buy a ticket form someone on ebay and it is not clear to me!

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    Default Re: is CAR/TENT camping the same ticket?

    It's the same ticket. Just don't buy a ticket-fast ticket print out. Buy a hard ticket. That way, there is less of a chance of you getting ripped off.

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    Default Re: is CAR/TENT camping the same ticket?

    its a car/tent camping ticket.. you come in a car: they send you to car camping...... you come on foot they send you to tent camping...

    i prefer to come on her face personally!!

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