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    sorry guys, planning on going to grab my shit for coachella and i forgot what the name of the thread that had a big list of things to bring with to coachella, anyone chance someone remembers the name of the thread?

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    nevermind found it, here it is for anyone that doesnt know what to bring...

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    A+ thread, would read again.
    Quote Originally Posted by Leeartlee View Post
    With or without rocket boots?

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    Default Re: what to bring

    Good luck with that, thread is wayyy to long for a second read-through
    G-funk acquired, thank you Coachella

    Quote Originally Posted by Theijuiel View Post
    Don't watch Conspiracy Theory while on mushrooms.
    You know a festival is in the process of dying when you start to see sports jerseys there....

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    Quote Originally Posted by oddlyenough View Post
    A+ thread, would read again.
    Some of you guys catch on quick.
    Quote Originally Posted by obzen View Post
    Giant. Fucking. Bjork. Buttons.

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    Hey what does that search button do again? .....Nevermind i figured it out.

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    somebody somewhere had posted a thing that was kinda cool on this very subject.

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    you look like a lube kinda guy

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