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Thread: Thursday arrival, but not camping...

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    Default Thursday arrival, but not camping...

    My group originally planned on RV camping, so we have a flight arriving Thursday morning. Have a hotel booked for Thurs-Sun night in Indio.

    Since a festival ticket allows you into the campgrounds...we thought it would be cool to participate in some of the Thursday camping/early arrival festivities, if at all possible.

    If this works, what is the best way? Park near the festival somewhere, just for the day? Will the free on-site parking lots be open on Thursday?

    We discussed buying a car camping spot, and leaving early (since we don't need the actual camping spot for any nights). But we don't want to cause a problem with having to flag down security and creating a hassle of leaving early (since it won't be an emergency situation).

    Otherwise I suppose we could see the picturesque town of Indio (ha ha), or check out Joshua Tree or Palm Springs for the day.

    Thoughts? Thanks
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    Default Re: Thursday arrival, but not camping...

    Others can weigh in, but I would be very surprised if you could get into the campgrounds Thursday night if you are not a camper.

    My suggestion would be to go down to the Salton Sea and enjoy the nightlife. I hear it's rocking.
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    Default Re: Thursday arrival, but not camping...

    take a taxi, you'll be able to get into the campgrounds assuming you already have purchased festival passes?

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    Default Re: Thursday arrival, but not camping...

    If you're attending the festival then you can get into camping. It's not about having a camping pass this year, it's about having a festival pass. As long as you have that you should be fine.

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    Default Re: Thursday arrival, but not camping...

    right but the regular day parking lots are not open until the festival. so they would have to get ride there to get in.
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    Default Re: Thursday arrival, but not camping...

    Buy a car camping spot and park next to us, I will flag down security to have them let you out. It would be no problem at all.

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