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Thread: War of the Roses: Teknowledge 3yr Anniversary

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    Wink War of the Roses: Teknowledge 3yr Anniversary

    Sat. 4/10/2010
    $20 presales
    Lot 613
    Ages 21+

    or in-store @
    AD 2013 Clothing - 2539 Lincoln Blvd Venice and
    Grooveriders - 4408 Vesper Avenue Sherman Oaks

    I'm talking solid.... The last underground Teknowledge w/ Eprom & Synkro was awesome!
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    Default Re: War of the Roses: Teknowledge 3yr Anniversary

    I'll just leave this here....

    Mimosa - False Idols Mix

    Track List:
    1. MiM0SA - iN Search of Beauty
    2. PantyRaid vs. MiM0SA - Chaos Control
    3. MiM0SA - Days Go By (ReMiXx)
    4. MartyParty vs. MiM0SA - The Perfect Flaw
    5. MiM0SA - Looking Back
    6. MiM0SA - California Rude Boy
    7. MiM0SA - LSD Excursions
    8. NastyNasty - Python Kiss (MiM0SA ReMiXxx)
    9. MiM0SA - Money to Blow (ReMiXxx)
    10. MiM0SA - Bamboo
    11. MiM0SA - Ride The Snake

    ll.Gates LIVE in Edmonton - 90 min Mix ... Aug_09.m4a


    Massive Attack – Angel [Virgin/EMI]
    Deadbeat – Roots and Wire [Wagon Repair]
    Fine Cut Bodies – Huncut Hacuka [Chi Recordings]
    Dubnosis – Dub Africa (Freedom Song) [Latenite Lounging]
    The Man From Havana – Track 5 [Unreleased]
    Santogold – L.E.S Artistes (xxx change Remix) [Downtown Records]
    Coldcut – Timber [Ninja Tune]
    Aphex Twin – Windowlicker [Warp Records]
    Bassbin Twins – Shot You Crunk [Unreleased]
    EPROM – Fliplets [Unreleased]
    Boreta – Slide That Dutch (Intro only) [Unreleased]
    Dabbler – Future Rhythm (Beat only) [Unreleased]
    ill.Gates + Filastine – Untitled [Unreleased]
    ill.Gates + Meesha – Irma Vep feat. Masia One (Sharps Remix) [Muti Music release in October 2009]
    ill.Gates + Meesha – Sweatshop (Subvert Remix) [Muti Music]
    ill.Gates – Collateral Damage [Muti Music]
    EPROM – 64 Bytes the Dust (ill.Gates Remix) [Addictech]
    Sub Swara – Hi Fidelity (ill.Gates Remix) [Low Motion]
    Nero – Bad Trip [Audio Freaks]
    Ooah – Heat Up The Night [Glitch Mob Unlimited]
    Cotti feat Doctor – Calm Down [Bass Face]
    OSC feat. Budros Gali – One Mile High [Full Melt]
    Evergreen & Landlord – Jah Rain feat. Danman [Ranking Records]
    Tanya Stephens – It’s a Pity (FoNoicH Dubstep Remix) [Bootleg]
    Dub-Z – Time Shines Brightly (Dj Snipaz Remix) – [Bassclash Records]
    Joker – Snake Eater [Soul Motive]
    Beber – Juvenile Delinquent (Bassbin Twins Edit) [Marina Parade]
    DJ Deekline – Murder in the Jamrock [Bootleg]
    Jinx in Dub – Rockers [Bassrock Records]
    Freestylers + Pendulum feat SirReal – Painkiller (Ed Solo + Skool of Thought Remix) [Against the Grain]
    Pendulum – Tarantula [Breakbeat Chaos]
    Evol Intent – Street Knowledge [Renegade Hardware]
    Boreta – Bubblin’ In The Cut [Glitch Mob Unlimited]
    Breakbeat Buddha – Crank That Thang [Bootleg]
    Ewun – Illest (Jantsen Cutup) [Warning Label]
    Rage Against the Machine – Killing in the Name (SebastiAn Remix) [Bootleg]
    Drums of Death – Ozzy Remix [Bootleg]
    Megasoid – Soundbwoy Bass Instro [Weaponshouse]
    Jantsen and Dave Seied – Original Nuttah (Jantsen and Dave Seied Remix) [Bootleg]
    BreakbeatBuddha feat. Shugga – Endurance [True Movement]
    Mediacracy – Imagine (ill.Gates Remix) [Bootleg]
    ill.Gates – Live and Learn [Unreleased]
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