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Thread: Bonnaroo webcasts, bootlegs

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    Default Bonnaroo webcasts, bootlegs

    does anyone have any Bonnaroo bootlegs of webcasts? I am hoping for Alabama Shakes, Run the Jewels, Robert Plant, Gary Clark, or Bluesgrass superjam.... or any others people have

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    Default Re: Bonnaroo webcasts, bootlegs

    I have none of those but here's D'Angelo
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    Default Re: Bonnaroo webcasts, bootlegs

    Here's the youtube link for d'angelo

    There's a megaupload link in there to download. And there seems to be quite a few full sets on the related videos. Haven't checked them out though.
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    Default Re: Bonnaroo webcasts, bootlegs

    lock this thread, we need nothing else from Bonnaroo

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