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Thread: San Diego to Coachella 2-3 Seats Open

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    Default San Diego to Coachella 2-3 Seats Open

    My roommate and I are flying from Philadelphia to San Diego Thursday (4/15) morning (arrive around 10:30 - 11 am). We reserved a rental car so we have room for 2 comfortably unless you are a party of 3 and don't mind tight quarters. Would prefer another group rather than 2 individuals.

    We will grab lunch and such around San Diego, stop at some supply stores, liquor store etc and then make our way over. If you need to stop anywhere else or want to see or do anything before we make our way over that is fine as long as we don't get to Indio really late. We are 23 and 24 respectively if that does anything, and really easy going. We are camping there.

    We can also give a ride back on Monday depending on your flight time.

    Counting down the days to coach.

    Shoot me a pm if this interests you.

    I ask you to forgive any grammatical errors made in this post in advance.

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    Default Re: San Diego to Coachella 2-3 Seats Open

    Hey sgilch I'm definitely interested in getting a ride with you guys to and from coachella. I'm 20, english and I love to drink (my website )

    I would be flying into san diego at 12:11pm on Thursday, and I would be leaving at 3:06 pm on Monday.

    I know I'm only a single rider and it's not what you would prefer, but we could always get 2 more people to join the ride which would make it cheaper on gas for us. I also wouldn't mind throwing down some extra money on the car rental.

    Please let me know if your interested.

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    Default Re: San Diego to Coachella 2-3 Seats Open

    2 seats left

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    Default Re: San Diego to Coachella 2-3 Seats Open

    Any seats open??

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