so a lot of people come into the phoenix thread asking for things to do because they are forced to sweat it out in the desert for one reason or another. i figured i'd just quote a few posts from there and allow others to do the same. this does not have to be music specific.

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Do you like live hip hop and actual turntablists? Go to the Insects show at the Hidden House on 7th avenue & Osborn.

Do you like house music and cheap pints? Go to Skyline at District inside the Sheraton on 3rd street & Van Buren.

Do you like pseudo-hipsters, decent dance music and shitty bartenders? Try Fuse at Barsmith between 1st and 2nd streets and Washington.

Do you like hipsters, cocaine and decent dance music in a gothy environment? Try faux Show at Sanctum on 7th avenue just north of Indian School.

How about hipsters, cocaine, semi-decent dance music and cheap booze in a rednecky poolhall? There's Ransom at Philthy Phil's on 16th street and Thomas.

Do you like mexican trannies? El Zarape on 17th street and McDowell.

Are you afraid of the ghetto? Avoid the Bikini.

Will your drunk ass crave awesome carne asada after hours? The taco truck at Charlie's on 7th avenue and Camelback.

Have fun!
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of course, roo!!!

i'll take a stab at this...

i love the blunt club, which is not an actual club, but a weekly that is thrown at different clubs. they are on myspace & facebook i believe, but it's mainly hip-hop, dnb & dubstep.

i had fun the one time i went to cherry pit lounge on mill for UK thursdays. i knew people who were djing though and i can't speak to what it's like on other nights.

i have had fun at myst, though it's not for the people that's for sure. it's also expensive, but of all the scottsdale bullshit clubs, i have had the most fun here & at the pussycat lounge as well. axis/radius is douche central so only go if you REALLY want to see someone.

bar smith is a neat venue downtown & on saturdays they usually do "solstice", which is a house music weekly.

aura is a good psytrance monthly, add them on facebook. they usually do their events at hookah type lounges or places with middle-eastern food and tend to have things like belly dancers and the more "hippie" edm crowd.

if you are REALLY into the hipster scene you would probably have a blast at the rogue in south scottsdale. it's a tiny place, but lots of people swear by it. i just find a lot of the people obnoxious and the one time i went NO ONE was dancing and they were looking at us snobby like because we were dancing.

as far as concerts... the marquee theatre in tempe is the best place in MY opinion to see your average touring band. they won't house the HUGE arena type shows, but they tend to have a good mix of indie, edm and other types of bands. i personally HATE the dodge theatre as it sounds like there's a giant mute on the stage and it looks smaller than it is, but some people like it. the & US airways arenas are both good for larger shows. avoid the clubhouse if you can, place is SHITTY. i've heard good things about the rhythm room, but i've unfortunately never been.

there are lots of dive type bars that will host weeklies or one-off events, so you have to make sure to keep an eye out for events on facebook or something.


if you're into freak dancing like it ain't no thing and if you're a girl getting felt up all night, head out to the buzz nightclub at scottsdale & shea. i only went there once with some girls from work and i could tell multiple stories about that night for days. wall to wall bitches n' hoes!

devil's martini in north scottsdale is definitely the place to go if you like an older crowd who's interested in status from what i've gathered. i've never been, i just know a lot of people who have gone there or invited me there. it's kinda far for me too.

kazimierz in the old town scottsdale area is fucking awesome if you can afford it. it's a wine bar, but they do have decent priced appetizers and nibbles. it's not a place to go for a full meal in my opinion. i've had a different experience there every time i went too which is rare. i've seen some serious flamenco dancers and various old jazz singers with completely different bands. i really like this place and whenever anyone asks me where they should take a date, i always suggest this place.

gammage auditorium in tempe, arizona was one of frank lloyd wright's last designs. most major musicals and plays tour here. ASU also puts on events as well. i've even seen hip hop so anything goes really!!!

*these are merely the opinions of a few of us and your experience may vary