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Thread: looking for a ride from minnesota

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    Smile looking for a ride from minnesota

    Hi, Are there anyone who is willing to offer me a ride from minneapolis minnesota to coachella? This is my first time in the States, first festival going experience, so a road trip would be awesome for me.
    If you don't have a car and know how to drive, I could borrow my friend's hippie van, I don't have a US driver liscenes.

    It has two sleeping places up somewhere, but could fit in another two person maybe(I have to check with my friend). Send a message if interested.
    BTW, I am a Chinese grad student studying at the U.
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    Smile Re: looking for a ride from minnesota

    hey. my name is katie and i'm a student at MCTC. i live in minneapolis and i am also trying to go to coachella with no means of getting there.. if you were able to get your friends hippie van i would be able to split gas with you for sure!! let me know!

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