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    Hi all, this is going to be my first year to Coachella, traveling alone from Chicago. I saw that all the hotels are sold out and there is no mention of the shuttle buses going to places other than the sponsored hotels so I wasn't sure if that meant I can't take one. I have heard horror stories of Bonoroo and back ups on the expressway of 3-4 hours trying to get to the festival so I thought rather than try and drive, I'd do the shuttle thing. Do any of you know if I could drive from the hotel I'm staying at to one of the "sponsor" hotels, park (without getting in trouble) and take the shuttle? OR, is it a nightmare to actually just drive to the festival and park there? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

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    buy a camping spot, its only $55.

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    If you're going alone you should've camped. Then you wouldn't have had to worry about getting to and from the festival because you're already there!

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    you should seriously consider camping onsite.
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    driving in and out isnt that bad, but it sucks. just camp.

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    you need a ticket for the shuttle and you pick up your ticket at the selected hotel check-in desk. I'd check with the hotel first ...

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