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Thread: Camping offsite options?

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    Default Camping offsite options?

    So I'm a minor, going to Coachella with my fellow 17 year old friend. We're broke and underage and are kind of screwed right now. The options are crash in a friend's room (which won't happen without paying) or sleep in my car. Since i can't camp on site, does anyone know of any places offsite i can park and sleep in my car? Or if there are any really wonderful souls with a free place to stay Friday and Saturday nights, that would be splendid as well.

    And I'm fully aware of how sketchy of an idea this is and how it probably won't work, but we're looking for any and all ideas at the moment.

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    there are truck stops that even have showers, check the directions/travel page

    or offsite camping places:
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    I'm a minor too and i'm looking for a place to stay any of the nights. I have 3 day pass, i spent all my money on that. My plan is to greyhound it up there and somehow find a place to stay everynight. i can't find anoyone who'd be whilling to let me bumb it on their sites. i do have some money so maybe we could work something out?

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    You can crash at my site. We'll have plenty of candy and drinks. Hope you like wine.

    Also, here's my pic. Do you like my moustache?

    yeeeaaaah, that would be great....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lumbergh View Post
    You can crash at my site. We'll have plenty of candy and drinks. Hope you like wine.

    Also, here's my pic. Do you like my moustache?

    you sexy hurts so much, but i think i have to turn it down, sorry.

    @valerierose, i'm going to end up camping at lake cahuilla, or even joshua tree if i get really desperate, since it's kinda far. joshua tree is like $5-$15 per person/car on a walk in basis, and that's about the only thing that fits mine or my boyfriend's price range

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