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Thread: desperate need of RV tickets!!!

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    Default desperate need of RV tickets!!!

    we NEED a ticket for an RV spot...PLEASE, PLEASE, respond if you're willing to sell!!!!!!!! thanks : )

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    Default Re: desperate need of RV tickets!!!

    I have some spots in my property, cross the street you are in the polo field, closer to the concert that people camping in the field

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    Default Re: desperate need of RV tickets!!!

    Do you have permits to sell rv spots on your propery?
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    Default Re: desperate need of RV tickets!!!

    well, now the event people are asking me to allow them to use my lot as staff parking. If I let them I might have only two spots left. send me your email if you want more info.

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    Default Re: desperate need of RV tickets!!!

    I am not selling anything. I am doing a social service and helping desperate people since there are no more RV spots at the polo grounds.

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