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Thread: VIP tickets how much? and where can i find them

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    Default VIP tickets how much? and where can i find them

    This is my second time going to coachella....and I MUST see bjork up close or I will die!!!!!! Does anyone know home much the VIP tickets cost?, where I can get them, when?, and IF i can just get them for that particular day?/....

    Es mi segunda vez ke voy a coachella, alguien sabe que rollo con lo de los boletos VIP?, cuadno cuestan,donde y cuando los puedo conseguir y si se puese para un solo dia?...GRACIAS!!!!!

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    Default Re: VIP tickets how much? and where can i find them

    Even if you could buy VIP tickets (which you probably can't), VIP is off to the side where you can't see very well. You may just have to camp out in front of the main stage all day to get close for Bjork. Or know someone in the biz.
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