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Thread: Add Harry Perry for Coachella 2012!!!!

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    Default Add Harry Perry for Coachella 2012!!!!

    I think if the world doesn't end we should thank the Fying Spaghetti Monster and let Harry Perry be in the Gobi at 2pm

    can i get any support?

    dont forget the free crack before the show Goldenvoice.

    Perry became a pioneering rollerblade skater, all the while performing his music as he whisked about the Venice Beach boardwalk and similar venues.

    During his early days in Los Angeles, Perry also studied various spiritual philosophies and practices, including Kundalini Yoga, which greatly attracted and influenced him. As his yoga study grew, he eventually became a member of the Sikh Dharma, since the Yoga teachers all practiced the Sikh religion. The white clothing and turban for which Harry Perry is famous are traditional Sikh attire. Perry also operates a business that sells Sikh designed and manufacturered clothing using his Kama Kosmic Krusader brand and moniker.

    In more recent years, the Sikh community has bestowed upon him the honorific title of 'Nihang Baba', denoting that he is considered a wise elder within the Sikh community. While most people are familiar with his rock music performances, at Sikh gatherings Perry is also famous for his renditions of traditional Sikh music on electric guitar with percussion accompaniment.
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    I want to punch that woman.

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    Default Re: Add Harry Perry for Coachella 2012!!!!

    I see that fool all the time. He is a fucking badass. Fully support
    G-funk acquired, thank you Coachella

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    Don't watch Conspiracy Theory while on mushrooms.
    You know a festival is in the process of dying when you start to see sports jerseys there....

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    Default Re: Add Harry Perry for Coachella 2012!!!!

    I was hoping for Scary Perry.

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