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Thread: International Tickets- Postage?

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    Default International Tickets- Postage?

    I bought a ticket on layaway but ended up paying the balance in full a few weeks ago as ticketmaster malfunctioned.

    I just wondered when the tickets would be posted/ arrive in the UK as I am leaving the UK just under a week before the festival starts and I want to take them with me (obviously).

    If anyone has any idea when they should arrive or how soon their ticket arrived after they paid for it i'd appreciate it


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    Default Re: International Tickets- Postage?

    All tickets ordered through the layaway system should be received by April 10th after all orders are paid in full. Even if you choose to pay in full in advance, tickets are still layed away until shipping begins, so don't contact us before then asking where your tickets are. Shipping won't begin until sometime after the last of the orders are paid in full closer to the festival dates.
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    Default Re: International Tickets- Postage?

    thank you sorry for being a pain

    i leave the uk on the 11th so fingers crossed

    thanks again

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