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    yay, glad to have you on board i realized i didn't fill out my questionnaire...

    Amenable to food gifts? Yes/no

    preferably no as i live in an apartment complex and deliveries tend to get left on my front stoop. even in the winter, it's still warm here and i wouldn't want anything to melt

    If yes: any allergies?

    Is there a unifying color theme in your home? Post pics if you desire.

    my bedroom is red, white, and black, though is pretty filled with art at this point. my bathroom cabinets are white, walls are tan, decorations are muted shades of blue and green. the living room has the same color walls and i have the same color of blue for the couch. i have a lot of dark brown metal stuff too. the kitchen is my rainbow; that's where i keep the lunchboxes and colourful stuff

    Is there a unifying theme to your personal style? If desired, may post pics or a hypothetical Polyvore outfit.

    i either like being shiny and colourful or old school preppy.

    What was the last thing you made?

    aside from baked goods, i've been working on a painting.

    What are your hobbies?

    walking/hiking, playing the trumpet, biking, painting, writing, dancing, singing, crafting, baking

    Do you collect anything?

    lunchboxes (vintage only), sweater guards
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