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    Quote Originally Posted by guedita View Post
    Hannah: what kind of paint did you use? I just bought an antique dresser and I'd like to paint it and an IKEA bookshelf I have to match the rest of my furniture (dark mahogany).
    It wasn't a planned project, so I just used acrylic paints that I had lying around. The dresser is falling apart and probably isn't going to make it past this apartment, anyway, so I figured it didn't matter how archival the paint job was.

    Are you looking to paint it with large blocks of color, or are you going to do detailwork?

    Edit. Uh, from higher up in the page:

    Quote Originally Posted by Hannahrain View Post
    It was actually a spontaneous effort to make the dresser look less like it was falling apart, so I just used some acrylics I had on hand. They won't last forever, but I don't really expect the dresser to make it beyond my current apartment.
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