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Thread: Sea Mountain Nude Resort on 4/20?

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    Cool Sea Mountain Nude Resort on 4/20?

    Going to Coachella both weekends and need a fun escape between the weekends? Kick off weekend two with a visit to the nude resort of Sea Mountain. Couples and single females are allowed. It is fully nude, but good music and fun. $39 for a single female and $99 for a couple. Should be fun! A few of us are staying at the resort that Wednesday night, 4/20, to kick off a great Coachella Weekend 2!

    Anybody in?

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    Default Re: Sea Mountain Nude Resort on 4/20?

    I'm already naked, so I'm ready

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    Default Re: Sea Mountain Nude Resort on 4/20?

    How much for a male? I can't help but feel like the men are marginalized in your post.

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    Default Re: Sea Mountain Nude Resort on 4/20?

    The people that go to these nude resorts are the people that have no business being naked.

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    Default Re: Sea Mountain Nude Resort on 4/20?

    What about a pre-op with a B cup and horse cock?
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    Girl, you can pound your vagina so hard in those the Sahara will feel a new kind of drop...
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    ... Keep fucking that chicken.
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    All you ladybois want inside this pink slip

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    Default Re: Sea Mountain Nude Resort on 4/20?

    Sea Mountain is tiny and definitely not worth the money, unless you're into old swingers. If you're into that, hit it!

    Otherwise find a boardie with a pool and work out the details.

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