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Thread: Thom Yorke ????

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    what i dont understand is how FlyLo is booked for Saturday the 17th when both he n the newly christened Atoms for Peace are booked for the Santa Barbara Bowl...

    i predict FlyLo being changed to Sunday's lineup

    another prediction:
    Since Thom Yorke is on FlyLo's new album, expect an unexpected surprise guest appearance by The pint sized English bloke (preferably in the Gobi) much to the delight of FlyLo fans as well as those who agree with this and show up for FlyLo's set (pending lineup positions of course)
    I would never want to belong to any club that would have someone like me for a member...

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    Default Re: Thom Yorke ????

    i'm pretty sure they'll change the poster to Thom Yorke/Atoms for Peace

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    I would have named my band Natural Stepfather.

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