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    This will be my fifth Coachella and my third time camping offsite. The usual place I stay seems to be filled up so now I am looking for someone to accommodate me and a few friends. I am only going to be staying the night on Friday and Saturday so I would like to only spend around $100 per person for both nights (I am willing to spend a little bit more depending on what accommodations you have and how far you are from the festival). I will be getting dropped off and picked up so I will not have a car. We are a pretty clean group of people and do not plan on causing much trouble.

    Please feel free to email me at


    - Nate
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    You do not plan on causing much trouble? where are you coming from? How many are in your goup? who is going to drop you, pick you? If I tell you that you will be closer to the concert from my house than from the polo camping, is that convinient. are there any minors? Your price seem right, I'll let you know

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    Nate, how many in your group?

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