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Thread: Looking for a ride from LAX to the fest, anytime Thurs

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    Default Looking for a ride from LAX to the fest, anytime Thurs

    Hey all,

    Myself and a friend are looking to fly into LA on Thursday, and we're just asking if a kind soul(s) would allow us to ride with them into the fest, camp with them, and hitch a ride back to LAX on Mon morning. I know it might be a lot to ask, but we're both pretty easygoing and adventuresome. We'll absolutely chip in for gas costs and won't be cheap about it. We haven't booked air tickets yet, because we are still trying to figure out if this is feasible (we'll both still be in school, the price issue, the location issue, etc)

    BUT, the deciding factor is whether or not we could get a ride from LAX. You could be that special person or persons. Think aboot it.

    Potentially eternally grateful and forever yours truly,

    Broadcasting major/IR minor, unfortunately 2,185 miles from Indio.

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    Default Re: Looking for a ride from LAX to the fest, anytime Thurs

    I would def. like to help you guys out. All I ask is that you be 420 friendly and pitch in for gas. $40 each person to Coachella and $40 each person to LAX. That price is cheaper than any car rental. Oh, and also buy me some munchies. You know...chips, candies, something to drink(non-alcoholic). PM me and let me know if your interested.

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    Default Re: Looking for a ride from LAX to the fest, anytime Thurs

    I to would also be down to hitch you guys a ride I'm about 40 mins out of lax give or take traffic and I also ask 420 friendly and definently please pitch in for gas both ways since lax is back tracking although just fyi if you flew in and out of. Orange county or ontario wich is super close to lax and closer to myself your plane ticket will possibly be cheaper .... at least it has been for anyone I know that's traveled by plane.... give me the heads up if your down the names tiffany and my emails

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