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Thread: Proximity of Bus Stations to LAX ?

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    Default Proximity of Bus Stations to LAX ?

    Hey Peeps...

    so we're flying into LA but wanna see the Cali countryside by road, so, is there a bus station anywhere near LAX that we can get to in order to hit the road ?

    Or should we just fly to Palm Springs ?
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    Default Re: Proximity of Bus Stations to LAX ?

    you can take the bus/metro from LAX to the Hollywood Greyhound station, you can go to and then plan your trip from lax to hollywood greyhound, the surest thing is to take the bus from lax and get off at union station from there take the red metro line to hollywood/vine (you'll see it on the listed stops of the red line), look around hollywood blvd and stuff, the greyhound station is within walking distance of hollywood blvd. ...
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