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Thread: Gary Numan...hmmm, surprise guests?

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    Default Gary Numan...hmmm, surprise guests?

    As some of you probably know, Gary Numan was a special guest on the recent NIN farewell tour. So, will Trent return the favor on Gary's set at Coachella???? We can only hope.

    Also, Gary and Little Boots did a BBC special together last summer (and she's also on the Sunday line-up), so there's another opportunity for some guest vox.

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    Default Re: Gary Numan...hmmm, surprise guests?

    let's fucking hope it's a ANALOG guest.

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    Default Re: Gary Numan...hmmm, surprise guests?

    Trent will not be there. No reason.

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    Default Re: Gary Numan...hmmm, surprise guests?

    Reznor is in the studio right now. Probably working on the new NIN record. He's notorious for not leaving the studio for anything, but who knows this is only a few hours away. I doubt he'll be there, but ya never know. I wouldn't mind seeing Reznor in the desert, but I've already seen NIN 7 times and I'm not a big Numan fan, so I'm probably skipping no matter what.

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