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Thread: Poetic kinetics - coming back?

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    Default Poetic kinetics - coming back?

    Any word on them coming back. This year's art was truly missing something and it was def their art, amongst some of the other amazing art from previous years.

    I'd love to have them back.

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    Default Re: Poetic kinetics - coming back?

    I'm 100% with you on this. The art last year was by far the most underwhelming in all of my 10 years of attending. I've really enjoyed every single Poetic Kinetics piece that they've brought to the Polo Fields (that Astronaut was RIDICULOUS) and I was shocked to not see them back on the Art section of the Poster this past year.

    Fingers crossed they're back in 2017!
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    Default Re: Poetic kinetics - coming back?

    Yeah, I like when Coachella has at least one piece of art that you immediately think of when thinking back - the exploding baby in 2005, Big Rig Jig, the Spiritualized project, the Poetic Kinetics pieces. 2014 gave us both the Astronaut and the mirrors. I think they wanted "BESAME MUCHO" to be that last year, but it just didn't stand out enough to me.

    I keep wishing the Creator's Project would come back again and love Poetic Kinetics, but mostly just hope for something iconic and unexpected.

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    Default Re: Poetic kinetics - coming back?

    I sure hope so. Aside from the Besame Mucho art piece, I vaguely remember anything else that was up.
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    Default Re: Poetic kinetics - coming back?

    i hope for Corporate Headquarters artists back too. we need more performance and interactive art.
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