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Thread: Playlists & Perfect Timing

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    Default Playlists & Perfect Timing

    I wish I had it. I never know what songs to put on playlists. If we go on roadtrips I fail at creating playlists. Someone else is always in charge of that. Weekend in the mountains, I have no clue. Sunday at the beach, nada. The day I found out my grandma died, couldn't get a playlist together. workout playlists, no good.

    So those of you who are good at playing the right theme song at the right moments, how do you do it? I bet it takes time, like dedication. Or a good memory like able to recall artist/album/song title. I have a peanut brain. I cant remember crap.

    Well good for you and too bad for me. I shall continue to envy my friends for being bad ass.
    “When people hear good music, it makes them homesick for something they never had, and never will have.”--Edgar Watson Howe

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    Default Re: Playlists & Perfect Timing

    Try to match the mood. Or try to ignite a new one. Picture what its going to be like in your head, if it seems like it fits BAM.

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    yeah seriously its not that hard. just match the mood you think you'll be in. if you're going to the beach you want to be having fun so you put sublime and rhcp and whatever else u know will get everyone singing and in that good mood

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    Are you unhappy with your mixes, or are other people unhappy with them? As long as you're choosing the songs, I hope at least you're happy with them, haha.

    It is totally mood. Example: if you're making a beach mix and you love Radiohead, there's a few songs off Pablo Honey or The Bends you might include ("anyone can play guitar," "stop whispering," "bones"), but you'd never want something from Kid A or Amnesiac -- too electronic and cold.

    Beyond that, what's the goal -- you looking to start a dance party, or a singalong, or just have good background music to talk over or zone out to? So then you think about beats, popularity, etc. I also try to get a good track-to-track flow if it's a CD - not necessarily 100% party songs if I'm making an upbeat mix, but you don't want to go from "Hey Ya" to "Dust in the Wind," haha. Gotta ease it up and down.

    And now I sound like a douche, but whatever. I like making mixes. It's fun. You deserve to have fun doing it too.

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