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Thread: Selling 2 layaway tickets

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    Default Selling 2 layaway tickets

    I bought 2 layaway tickets. i paid 334.70 on Jan 17 and the remainder i'll be paying off in March. i wont be able to make it, so if theres anyone whos interested PM me. of course, im selling at a reduced price.

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    r they for saturday april 17,2010?and how much do u want for them?contact me at

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    Default Re: Selling 2 layaway tickets

    sk8r do you still not get it....there are no single day tickets.
    1/17: Marching Church @ Rickshaw Stop
    1/23: No Age @ Starline Social Club
    1/26: The She's, Terry Malts @ The Independent
    1/27: Heron Oblivion @ The Chapel
    1/27: Christopher Rau, Jordan @ f8
    1/29: Silver Shadows, CCR Headcleaner @ Hemlock Tavern
    02/02: Lily's @ The Chapel

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    Default Re: Selling 2 layaway tickets

    ...and how do you plan on getting them to the buyer if they arrive just a few days before the festival? better have a good(possibly expensive)plan in place.

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    Default Re: Selling 2 layaway tickets

    coachella said it arrives on the 10th, so i'll send out a next day delivery. rather than losing the whole 613.70 i might as well reduce my loss. anyone interested let me know.

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