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Thread: Where should I buy my tickets from?

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    Default Where should I buy my tickets from?

    I've heard Ticketmaster is the most expensive way to buy? I bought mine there last year because I wasn't aware others sold Coachella tickets. The taxes/service charges were pretty bad I have to admit.

    Where do you usually buy yours from?
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    Default Re: Where should I buy my tickets from?

    they're sold out, sorry

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    Default Re: Where should I buy my tickets from?

    no ones believe the sold out shit, so give it up already and try to give solid advice you swine.

    i have only ever bought mine off ticketmaster and i have to agree the fees are ridiculous; so i too would like to know if there is anywhere else ONLINE that we may buy these from?
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    Default Re: Where should I buy my tickets from?


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    Default Re: Where should I buy my tickets from?

    sell your avatar. im sure you can get a couple bucks for it
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