Hi, thanks for letting me be a part of coachella.com. Iím looking forward to being an active community member here.

Okay, what can I tell you about what I do? My day job is in a cube farm and, as you can imaging, can be very boring. It takes all my will power to stop from going online and watch YouTube all day. After hours, Iíve got a little sideline helping insurance agents and brokers boost their salesóby showing them how they can generate more insurance leads. This sideline insurance marketing job is definitely a lot more satisfying. I surf the web without feeling guilty and use my online marketing smarts. Plus, Iím assisting consumers as they shop for the right insurance plans on the webÖ by connecting them with health insurance producers (also life insurance agents).

If I can pull myself away from the computer, I do enjoy playing basketball with friends. I tried golfing recentlyÖ and Iím not sure itís for me.