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    Default Old Crow or Bust

    Dear Coachellaverse,

    Please go see old crow medicine show. THEY WILL DESTROY YOU WITH AWESOME!!! I am very fucking excited for this. One of the all time best performances I've ever seen.

    who doesn't need more guitjo in there life???

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    Default Re: Old Crow or Bust

    ....awesome......thank you GV!!!!!!

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    Default Re: Old Crow or Bust

    these guys are one of my favorite groups, i am so excited to see them again. they put on an incredible live show, don't miss em
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    If Bob Dylan saved up his jizz for a year, and then molded it into the shape of records, and released it as a limited edition box set, it would top any Rolling Stone list, even if said list was about the top 50 Arabic transsexual rappers of the last 10 years. Robert Plant would probably be on there somewhere too.

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    Default Re: Old Crow or Bust

    i love ocms! it's funny how coachella is getting "bonnaroo" bands now and bonnaroo are getting "coachella" bands. cross pollination is good!

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