Ok, since it's about that time, let's make our final predictions on who will be on the bill. When you submit your predictions please use the following format. Top three on he main stage for each night, outdoor theater closer for each night, and the sahara headliner for each night. Finally, make one big reunion prediction. If you predict the most correct you get to have a frozen lemonade and a spicy pie with MJA and PTA!! Hooray!!

Friday Main- Them Crooked Vultures-> Soundgarden-> Muse
Friday Outdoor Closer- MGMT
Friday Sahara- LCD Soundsystem

Saturday Main- Faith No More-> Beastie Boys-> Jay-Z
Saturday Outdoor Closer- Spoon
Saturday Sahara- Orbital

Sunday Main- Vampire Weekend-> Pavement-> Gorillaz
Sunday Outdoor Closer- Dead Weather
Sunday Sahara- Thom Yorke

Reunion Prediciton- XTC