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    They should have him back.That was like pre-school for adults,so much fun.
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    i'll admit, the man puts on a fucking show, though his sounds are quite grating.

    LOL! <33
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    for those of you that haven't seen it...

    Let me see what you're workin with

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    I can't stand that retard.
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    I love him, but his smaller shows are loads better than when he plays at a large festival. Also, since he was diagnosed with sciatica in November, I don't think he's planning on touring again anytime soon.....

    4/15: Tama Sumo @ Seattle
    4/25: Rolling Coastal Blackout Fever, Sloucher @ The Crocodile
    4/27-30: Stagecoach
    5/16: Mount Kimbie @ Neumo's
    5/25-27: Sasquatch

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    hurray for sciatica?

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    His set at Coachella was fun, saw him again at Lolla, and it was, in my opinion, the worst set of the entire weekend. He had this live band full of hipsters, very poor sound quality, extremely unrehearsed. He knew he bombed, he stopped the set and started messing with the synth levels. It was a real shame.

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    I'm still kinda bitter than he canceled his show at FYF Fest. Although I guess he was sick, so I can't blame him.
    5/22 - The Cure - Hollywood Bowl
    5/31 - Brian Jonestown Massacre - Teragram (?)
    6/07 - Chelsea Wolfe - Teragram (?)
    6/14 - Silver Apples - Troubadour
    6/16 - John Carpenter - Orpheum, if you care

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    Dan is back on the road, slowly...

    a few shows are coming up::::: Jan 22nd-ish - I'll be Camping while singing bass with my mouth closed::::: Feb 5th - Berlin, DE @ WMF (Transmediale Festival):::::: Feb 13th- Troy, NY @ Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center:::::: Feb 19th - Baltimore, MD @ The Ottobar
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    Even if he played again it would not be like his previous shows....he tours with a big band now....I mean a BIG band. I forget how many it or something if you care enough.
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