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Thread: Question about camping with cars vs tents

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    Default Question about camping with cars vs tents

    Does anyone make sweet love in their cars, or must it be done in a tent? I can't find it in the FAQs. Clarification please. Excuse me if it's been posted all ready.

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    Default Re: Question about camping with cars vs tents

    I like you. I don't know who you are, but I like you. this is probably one of the smartest questions ever asked...

    I'll be making my sweet love in the car. it'll be rockin all night long.
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    what happens if someone makes a masturbation while i dancing so fast?
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    Ohh are you laughing Lithium??! You are soooo cool. You know so much more than everyone else don't you? Nerd.
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    Thanks for your comment, Major Asshole (Lithium )
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    Why is this Lithium guy so pissy about everything

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    Default Re: Question about camping with cars vs tents

    love .....seriously 2 used the word love.... =|
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