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Thread: 2008 day by day poster.

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    Default 2008 day by day poster.

    I know this has been discussed, and I am aware of the reason it was never put up for sale. What is surprising to me, is the lack of pictures of it. I have searched for pictures of this day by day poster and have only found one, and the quality is very poor. Do any of you have a better picture, or know where to find one?

    Your help will be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: 2008 day by day poster.

    look harder. there's a thread about it here already with several pictures posted.
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    Default Re: 2008 day by day poster.

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    Default Re: 2008 day by day poster.

    hahah, that totally works.
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    Default Re: 2008 day by day poster.

    OK, I found the thread shaker was talking about, couldn't find it on first search. Window, a google search of 2008 coachella poster was not what I was looking for, I was looking for the final version with Prince at the top of day 2 that was never released, and probably never will be released. for those who care.

    So many helpful people....

    Thanks shaker (kind of)

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    Default Re: 2008 day by day poster.

    Sorry to revive a dead thread here guys, but what was the reason the split day poster was never sold?

    I tried searching the message board and google, but couldn't find anything.

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