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    New Ed Banger project with Busy P, Mehdi and the guys from Justice all playing together.

    Hype or Lame?

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    in or out?
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    i was under the impression its less of a project and more of the ed rec crew just spinning together but apparently theyre confirmed for a few festivals in the UK. since all those dudes go to coachella every year i don't see why it couldn't happen. my guess is it would be a dome appearance similar to last years.

    whether its lame or not remains to be seen. personally, i haven't heard this hyped up at all so i guess a shitty performance wouldn;t be a huge letdown.

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    Are those the dudes that had that track I'm-Blue-Da-Ba-Dee-Da-Be-Die-Da-Ba-Dee-Da-Be-Die?

    Also, more pressing: Is KidCuDi the Blue-Da-Be-Dee is the late 00's? Altbro's? Any insight?

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    good call!

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