jigawig - So are you planning on going to Fuji this year?

Some more bands are leaking information regarding the dates they'll play. Here's what the collective efforts of the Japanese Interwebs have dredged up so far, in addition to gweilo's Belle and Sebastian discovery.

Broken Social Scene - Friday

Flogging Molly - Saturday

Yeasayer - Sunday

It would sort of suck if Belle and Sebastian and Yeasayer conflicted because I want to see them both, but I'm assuming that, unless I'm underestimating Yeasayer's popularity in Japan, B&S's set will be later in the day than them.

And Parachute's myspace page has them playing all three days.


Based just on the one song I heard on YouTube, I can't see them playing Naeba Shokudo, Crystal Palace, Mokudotei etc. So it's possible that they're just listing all three days for now until the actual dates are announced.