If you're like me, you occasionally put on the radio while driving or check out the Billboard Hot 100 to see what's being shoved onto the poor youth of today. There's this LA-type Lady Gaga rip off that's number one who calls herself "Ke$ha", so I checked out her MySpace and her "influences" are too funny! It's like a marketing team just threw in every single decent indie alternative band on it in hopes oblivious trendy kids will buy into it.

Influences: MIA, Beck, Rolling Stones, Devo, Flock of Seagulls, kraftwork, Daniel Johnson, talking Heads, David Bowie, Donovan, Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin, Janet and Sir Michael Jackson, Avenue A, The Go! Team, Mika, Sonic Youth, Elton John, Willlie Nelson, Gwen Stefani, Madonna, Beastie Boys, Eagles of Death Metal, Black Keys, Black Eyed Peas, Daft Punk, Electric 6, Teenager, Tonite Only, Prince,Mirwais, Afrika Bambaata, Peaches, Rock&Roll, Richard X, Cornelius, ESG,6ths, ackron family, al green, andrew bird, anthrax, aphex twin, aphid ant constructions, arcade fire, archers of loaf, ataxia, badfinger, the bang up, beck, belle &; sebastian, ben lee, beulah, big star, black flag, the blow, boards of canada, bob dylan, brian eno, brian wilson, bright eyes, built to spill, butthole surfers, the cardigans, the carpenters, casiotone for the painfully alone, the clash, the clutters, daft punk, the damned, the dandy warhols, david bowie, the dead milkmen, devandra banhart, donovan, dresden dolls, the eels, elvis costello, eric's trip, the fall, the features, fischerspooner, frank black, frank sinatra, franz ferdinand, futurheads, gary glitter, generation x, ghostface killah, gogol bordello, gorillaz, guided by voices, her space holiday, how i became the bomb, human television, iggy pop, islands, jackson 5, jawbreaker, jenny lewis, jim o'rourke, joan jett, joe jack talcum, john frusciante, johnny thunders, the killers, kimya dawson, the kinks, kraftwerk, LCD soundsystem, le tigre, the lemonheads, leonard cohen, little ones, lou barlow, love, the lovely feathers, marshal crenshaw, matisyahu, matmos, miles davis, minor threat, modest mouse, mos def, mott the hoople, the mountain goats, moving units, my darling YOU!, neil diamond, neil young, neko case, neutral milk hotel, neva dinova, nico, of montreal, oh no! oh my!, optiganally yours, ornamental wigwam, otis redding, the pastels, peaches, pere ubu, peter bjorn and john, pink spiders, pixies, pj harvey, postal service, public enemy, pulp, queen, r.e.m., r.l. burnside, radiohead, the raincoats, rancid, the rapture, the rascals, ratatat, the ravonettes, regina spektor, replacements, roky erickson, rolling stones, ryan adams, screeching weasel, the shins, the small faces, the smiths, smoking popes, sparklehorse, spinto band, squarepusher, stellastarr*, stiff little fingers, the stranglers, the streets, the streets, the strokes, surfjan stevens, the sundays, sun ra, t rex, ted leo and the pharmacists, television, tilly and the wall, they might be giants, tom jones, tracy + the plastics, troubled hubble, tv on the radio, U2, the unicorns, the vaselines, the velvet underground, the ventures, verde, violent femmes, the walkmen, wilco, wire, X, yeah yeah yeahs, yo la tengo, the zebras, the zombies