Hi people.

I was planning to go to Coachella this year. Last year was my first time going, and last year I bought my tickets online in mid-March no problem. So I didn't think it would sell out.

Call me a procrastinator, but I have been in Southeast Asia since January. I didn't bring my credit card, so I couldn't get the tickets when they went on sale. I was planning to buy them when I get back to the States in early March, but that isn't going to work.

In another thread somewhere, someone said that there are always people trying to sell tickets at the last minute because of friends not being able to make it and such. Do you think that will be the case this year? I know last year I saw plenty of people selling tickets in the parking lot, but I don't think last year sold out.

Should I just bring a large amount of cash with me and show up in the parking lot early each morning? Or do you think that all the people who end up not being able to go will just ebay their tickets?

Related question: do you think ebay prices will go up or down between now and the event? Thank you.