So on Black Friday, I purchased about $150 worth of clothing from Forever 21 for the kid. I received notification that it was being sent FedEx. I checked the tracking number a couple of days later and the status said "commissioned to the USPS for delivery". The next day, there was an orange parcel post card on my door to come down to the post office to pick up my package.

I live in the sticks, and our shitty post office is only open from 9-5; being that I work 25 miles away, it's hard for me to get there at 5 to pick stuff up, so I usually have to wait till Saturday to get down there. Of course, that next Saturday was the weekend we were going to San Diego to see Cold Cave, so I didn't make it. I ended up getting off work a little early the following Wednesday so I got to the post office before it closed. Not only did I have my package to pick up, I had a package of Rick's to pick up.

I hand the weasel behind the counter both cards; Rick's package from is there, but after about 10 minutes of looking, he comes back to announce that my package isn't there. He looks it up on the computer and tells me that the package had already been picked up a couple of days before. I explained the impossibility of this, so he advised me to go home and look around and make sure someone in the house didn't pick it up (impossible, but whatever).

I get home and call them and speak with a supervisor and tell him that my package has obviously been stolen or given away mistakenly, and he states that they check ID's when packages are picked up. I told him that I had just been down there, had picked up a package that wasn't even addressed to me, and no one checked my ID. He said he would call me back.

No call back

I call the main USPS number and file a claim. I'm advised I'll be contacted within 2 business days.

No call back.

I call the local post office again. They state they are waiting for my carrier to come back from sick leave to see if he remembers anything. They will call me back that day.

No call back.

I call Forever 21 and they advise me the package is insured; I fill out an insurance claim form, fax and email it.

No call back.

I call the main USPS line again; they tell me that they did an investigation. This investigation consisted of contacting my local shitty post office and asking what happened; they state that they check all ID's when packages are being picked up, so I'm lying basically. She tells me my only recourse is to keep bugging my local post office or to pursue it with the company's insurance policy.

I call the insurance company and leave a message.

No call back.