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Thread: Buying tickets in the UK.

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    Default Buying tickets in the UK.

    Hey all.

    We will be coming over to the States in April 2010 and want to take in Coachella. Any idea what the best way to buy tickets in the UK is so that we are all set when we get there?

    Any help appreciated.


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    Default Re: Buying tickets in the UK.

    when the official on sale date happens, should be easy enough to buy them directly through the ticketmaster site
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    Default Re: Buying tickets in the UK.

    Thanks for that, do you have any idea when that date will be?


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    Default Re: Buying tickets in the UK.

    probably a couple days after the lineup is announced so late january/early Feb
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    Default Re: Buying tickets in the UK.

    Thanks for all your help.

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