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Thread: Tickets on the door.

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    Default Tickets on the door.

    Ok I would like some more detailed info on buying tickets on the door.

    Is it true?

    How much do they go for?

    How do you get them?

    Do you need to buy them each day and just go to the box offices with everyone else? Or do you have to get all of them early on the first morning in one go?

    Any one who brought tickets this way in the past I would love to hear of your experiences in doing so.
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    Default Re: Tickets on the door.

    well i know in 04 they were selling tickets at the boxoffice in the morning [sat], but apparently all the scalpers had gotten to them cause by the afternoon they were charging 400+ for them. apparently it was the same way last year, but i'm unsure cause i didn't see it for myself. i'll be doing it this year, but i'm sure there will be people lining up super early so be prepared to wait.
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