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Thread: The Replacements?

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    Default The Replacements?

    I read on another post that they're in negotiations. Really!?
    Sounds like last year was close....

    Band member Tommy Stinson tells, "We actually talked about it again this year, and I think there was a consensus that, you know, maybe it wasn't the right time.
    "Paul and I were kind of in cahoots talking to them (and) talking to (his manager) Darren (Hill). There were some things thrown out, and there were other festivals that wanted it too, if we were going to do it."
    The plan was for Westerberg and Stinson to reteam with celebrated session drummer Josh Freese, who would replace retired Chris Mars, and an unnamed lead guitarist, who would replace Stinson's half-brother Bob, who died in 1995.
    But Stinson adds, "At the last minute, it just didn't seem like the right thing to do, so we didn't do it. But I think Paul and I have something to offer each other still."

    As much as I love 'em and would love to see this happen, Coachella isn't where I'd want it to......and not without Slim!

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    Still if It would have to be coachella to see them Why not this band is just the greates. Book them

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