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Thread: Girls (Christopher Owen, San Francisco)

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    Default Girls (Christopher Owen, San Francisco)

    New to me - saw their show in Mpls last night after hearing an interview on the radio. The in-studio performances on the radio were great but sound was MUCH rougher live at the Entry. Still good though. It didn't help that I had just come thenewno2, Heartless Bastards and Wolfmother show.

    Here's some background to spare you from searching for "Girls":

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    Default Re: Girls (Christopher Owen, San Francisco)

    i usually hate on this new wave of jangle-crap but i like that song alot
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    Default Re: Girls (Christopher Owen, San Francisco)

    They're better than most of the jangle-crap bands. Very talented songwriter.
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    Default Re: Girls (Christopher Owen, San Francisco)

    Just listened to the Girls album last week after avoiding it because of the name/hype. I love it.
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    I took my niece this year and it was her first Coachella. It was so fun to see it through her eyes. She thought it felt like a magical scene from Shreck. The one where all the fairy tale creatures meet for the first time in Shreck's swamp.

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    Default Re: Girls (Christopher Owen, San Francisco)

    ahhh, that XXX "Lust for Life" video ruined the band for me. i can't listen to the album now without the image of some guy singing into another guy's johnson popping up in my head.

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    Default Re: Girls (Christopher Owen, San Francisco)

    Hahaha I know what you mean. I don't hear that one the same way anymore either.
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