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Thread: I can has Foals?

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    Default I can has Foals?

    anyone else into this band? they'd do great as a daytime on the outdoor. tons of energy live. i love this band.
    LOL! <33
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    Default Re: I can has Foals?

    they're extremely talented, I'm kinda surprised they haven't blown up yet...I've seen them twice and they were great each time

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    Default Re: I can has Foals?

    A friend of mine made me a mix of his favorite bands. He had 2 or 3 songs by Foals and they instantly stood out for me above the rest. Quite beautiful music.

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    Default Re: I can has Foals?

    I'm fully on board, Devin, but they need a new album before Coachella is an option again.
    And even then, having played before hurts their chances without a notably larger following.

    Cassius is an amazing song.
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    They have a lot of individually brilliant songs, but the album as a whole gets a bit grating. Sort of like a bizarro world version of Vampire Weekend; some of the same ideas, but put to work a lot more creatively and with a lot more uh, teeth. And they're very good. If they do ever blow up properly in the US, they're doomed to labour under the Hipster banner though.

    Lightning stuff live too, highly recommended.

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    Default Re: I can has Foals?

    They posted a status update not too long ago on facebook regarding a possible album. Lemme see if I can find it. Ok it said that Robyn is in the studio, solid good times.
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    Default Re: I can has Foals?

    Ooh, I haven't thought about the Foals....I agree they would be an energetic early set band to get people rip roarin' ready to party...
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