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    I plan on flying into LAX from South Carolina and am wondering what the best way to get down to Indio is. I want to camp on the ground so renting a car for 4 days for only the to and from airport drives seems kinda of silly, and expensive. Does anyone know any alternate way or is renting a car at the airport the only way to go? thanks

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    Public transportation is basically not an option here. However, you might fly into Burbank instead and take the amtrak. i am not sure how far south it goes (maybe palm desert) then you could take a taxi from there
    Burbank is the only airport with train access. Good Luck!

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    I am from South Carolina where are you coming from? I can tell you everything you need to know.

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    Well i live in Columbia, but it seems like it'll be cheapest to fly out of Charlotte (about $220 roundtrip). Any light you can shine on me as to flying, renting a car, camping on site, anything would be great. Thanks already.

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    Yeah I fly out of Charlotte too. You should find a ride in the carpool thread. Find one early in case they back out so you can find another. Onsite camping is great and its cheap but it gets hot EARLY!!! Getting there really should be your only worry. There will be people offering rides from LAX. Don't wait find a ride today if you can. The vibe is great just remember your sunblock. Try to get there thursday if you can it would be a bummer trying to find a ride on friday.

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    To get from LAX to Coachella, there are several options that I can think of:

    1) Greyhound Bus (Los Angeles downtown to Indio) + some combination of either taxi or local bus
    2) Amtrak (Los Angeles downtown to North Palm Springs) + some combination of either taxi or local bus
    3) Rideshare with another Coachella concert-goer
    4) Rent a car

    Rideshare is going to be the cheapest, most convenient way to go, if you can hook it up.

    After that, renting a car is probably the best choice. Assuming that you're traveling with at least one other person, and you're 25+ (so you don't have to pay insurance surcharges), it will be cheaper than bus or train.

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