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Thread: Beach House....Nooooo

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    Unhappy Beach House....Nooooo

    So hello I'm new, like the site and from what I've read lots of people with similar musical tastes.


    I just read on the Beach House site:


    We are currently home and working on new material.
    We will be at SXSW and playing a few shows here and there (Iowa City, early April) and Sasquatch. But other than that, Beach House most probably won't be touring. Because we're making room for a new baby.


    Beach House

    So I think this means no Coachella which means I missed them just recently in Austin, Texas and now early 2010. I mean I'm happy for them because I love Legrand so much but I don't want them to be that band I miss. Plus I doubt I'll be able to go to SXSW then get time off for Coachella.
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    Default Re: Beach House....Nooooo

    If it makes you feel better when I saw them I left after like three songs because they seemed extremely disinterested in their own music.
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    Default Re: Beach House....Nooooo

    In the lineup forum? Supre is going to have kittens!
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    Default Re: Beach House....Nooooo

    Wow, that's an early Sasquatch confirmation.
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    Default Re: Beach House....Nooooo

    beach house is boooooooooooring. can't imagine they are much better live

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    Default Re: Beach House....Nooooo

    Beach House needs to update their website, they were at Sasquatch 2009, which means that their site is way out of date. Anyway, I saw them at Sasquatch while eating dinner, they weren't bad, though I should have seen the Silversun Pickups instead (I got sidetracked).

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    Default Re: Beach House....Nooooo

    Beach House were amazing opening up for Grizzley Bear. She even sung a song with Grizzley Bear at the show.

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