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    Kamasi needs his own thread. I've been seeing him (and the crazy talented guys that he plays with) fairly regularly in LA over the past year or so and there's really just not much else in going on in music right now that is quite as exhilarating to me -in Jazz or any other genre.

    His debut album Epic is out on Brainfeeder on May 5th. The single is 14 minutes long and without question the best piece of music I've heard this year.

    (Jeff Weiss did a nice job encapsulating his brilliance here:

    He's part of Gaslamp Killer's live set at Coachella this year, but hopefully GV does the right thing and brings Kamasi Washington and the West Coast Get Down to the Polo Fields for a proper set next year. Coachella needs more Jazz and this would be a great place to start.

    Disclaimer: He and his band play at Piano Bar in Hollywood every Wednesday and Friday night. However, unfortunately Piano Bar seems to have pissed somebody off at the fire department because the last time I tried to go there was a line of about 50 people waiting to enter while the bar itself was, at most, 20% full. The door guy told me they've been getting hassled by the fire marshall and that they're being held to a strict maximum number of patrons. Sadly this means that, as far as I can tell, Kamasi and his band are playing to mostly empty rooms these days. I haven't been back in over a month because I was so disappointed last time, but hopefully it's either being resolved or will be soon.

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    Default Re: Kamasi Washington

    Looking forward to this lp for sure!

    5/4 ZZZ's @ Silent Barn
    5/6 Acid Mothers Temple @ KF
    5/7 T. Williams @ Output
    5/8 Muse @ Webster Hall
    5/8 Daniel Avery @ Output
    5/9 Sven Všth @ Space

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    What is it about a band you love unconditionally that makes you adore them? Otherwise I'm going to just rip all over your shitty taste in bad bands.

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