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Thread: Post Reviews & Pictures/Videos Of Shows You've Recently Attended Here

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    Quote Originally Posted by TallGuyCM View Post
    I wrote a review of the Buffalo Springfield show last weekend for a friend of mine's site, he had some very nice things to say at the beginning:
    Great review Chris! I know a couple of those guys from YTC too.
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    Times New Viking are still a great band and last nights show at Satelite was confirmation of it. This was the best I have ever seen them perform live. While there may have been an endearing sloppy quality to some of their earlier performances, last nights show was much different. Much tighter.

    There were two songs I didnt recognize at around songs 6 and 15. Both were great. Anybody who went know what they were?

    One last thing. Beth has never looked hotter. I caught myself staring at her way too much.

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    Heartless Bastards played acoustic-ish the Mercury Lounge last night (and the night before but I didn't go to that one.)

    First were local acoustic guitar/electric piano/tambourine trio the Ramblers. They had silly music and silly lyrics. They were followed by Sara Lee & Johnnie (not a complete name but their latest album was recorded with Vetiver) who sang silly lyrics with lovely close harmonies.

    Erika opened HB's set with a song by herself, then the bassist came out - playing lap steel; he later played stand-up bass and acoustic guitar - and the other guitarist... with an electric. He was mostly restrained and played acoustic on a few songs too.

    Erika sounded fantastic. They played half a dozen new songs - almost all great - mixed in with older tracks such as "Sway" and "Blue Day." I sometimes wanted them to just rock out but most of their music does not work that way, "Searching for a Ghost" does not need that.

    Eventually the lady selling merch came up to sing harmonies; her higher voice was a welcome counter to Erika's deep, strong soulful voice.

    Highlights included "Searching...," "Runnin'" and their cover of Dylan's - via the Byrds - "You Ain't Going Nowhere."

    They also noted that their new album is not going to be acoustic, they just felt like doing something different.
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    Went and saw IceAge at the echo last night to see if they lived up to the hype. As of this point, I haven't been able to get into the album but allowed myself the possibility of being swayed by the live show. Didn't happen. Everything I don't like on record was amplified live (just can't dig his voice).

    They don't seem to have the whole performance thing down yet. For example, the kick drum was turned down almost entirely for the first few songs and then all of a sudden got turned up and they were completely thrown off. they're just not as mature live as on the album.

    I still had a good time. The crowd was really into i but I thought Cult of Youth was the best act of the night.

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    jane's at the metro felt great

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    Two Quick Reviews.
    Flaming Lips - Best Show I have ever been to. Ever ever ever. The Flaming Lips going all out in their home state of Oklahoma playing the official state rock song.. <3 <3 <3
    Opener was a guy that goes by name New Fumes, and he was also amazing. I just ordered his Vinyl/Cd.

    The Flaming Lips at the Brady Theater by Lunatic Core, on Flickr

    Fleet Foxes - Amazing music, sadly they didn't set up the cool light show thing they have. I love the look on Skylers face in this picture.

    Skyler and Morgan by Lunatic Core, on Flickr
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    Thundercat threw it down yesterday. That is all.

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    Tonight I had the privilege of seeing Body/Head, Kim Gordon and Bill Nace's new noise project. I sit here a few hours later, still completely blown away. This group is Kim taking her noisiest tendencies and really running with it. The crowd at Dilettante absolutely ate it up...a concise 45-minute set that felt much, much longer.

    It started off pretty melodic - subtle guitar from both Gordon and Nace, with vocals that sounded like what you might imagine a Kim side project sounding like if it were a typical band with drums, bass, etc. But it didn't take long for things to come unhinged, and in the most wonderful way possible.

    In the course of the 45-minute set, I think they only played 4 or 5 songs. Each one had equal moments of drone, noise, and overall wonder. This is the first time I've seen someone manipulate the pickup of a guitar to create tones of noisy feedback. That part especially was fantastic.

    I've heard a few of Nace's recordings before, and was already a fan, but it was the noise set he performed with Thurston at ATP '10 that really won me over. This was the most ATP-like local show I've seen - very little barrier between the performers and the crowd, and everything just seemed to be in unison.

    Do not miss this when it comes to town. They're playing in San Francisco on Tuesday. Some serious, serious potential between these two.
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    Damn. I wish that wasn't on the same night as Rangda. That said, they blew me away. Chris Corsano is amazing on the kit; just like seeing Nace tonight reminded TallChris of ATP, seeing Corsano on the drums reminded me heavily of Hopscotch. I think what he does is some of the best musicianship I've ever seen. Maybe some of the coolest stuff I've ever seen period, and that's not just counting music. Obviously Sir Richard Bishop and Ben Chasny were excellent as well, and a lot of the times the two were so in step that you could conceivably believe it was one person playing one instrument; lots of intertwining parts. The show had a fair number of astonishing noisy jams and I'm really glad I got to see it. The recorded material clicks a lot more with me now also after this.

    Sometimes I feel like LA really lacks this kind of music, but I'm glad it delivered tonight. Big time.

    Oh, and they're playing in SF tomorrow (the 23rd) and Sacramento Sunday (the 24th). Highly highly recommended.

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