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    Unfortunately in 2007 I wasn't able to see VNV Nation in the Mojave Tent because I was at the Main Stage seeing Rage. I was originally very excited about possibly seeing VNV, but they played opposite of Rage, and obviously I saw Rage and not VNV.

    Was VNV Nation any good?
    Were there many people or was the Mojave Tent empty?

    I think they should come back in 2010 and play sometime at night again in the Sahara since they really didn't get a fair opportunity playing opposite of one of the biggest reunions. In fact, I think all 4 acts that had to go opposite Rage should come back, especially Infected Mushroom.

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    Default Re: VNV Nation?

    VNV Nation was good from what I remember but I was on a lot of psychadelics.

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    Default Re: VNV Nation?

    They tour pretty regularly.
    10/29 Hot Chip @ The Fox Theatre
    11/07 Rufus Du Sol @ The Mezzanine (?)
    11/13 Mr Little Jeans @ The Rickshaw Stop
    11/20 Keep Shelly in Athens @ Awaken

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    Default Re: VNV Nation?

    I saw them. They were good but yea, they tour all the time. I think they hit LA at least twice in the last 12 months, maybe three times.
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